604: St. Louis Fed Hints at New QE – Stocks Rally

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We knew this was coming. For all the talk of a recovery, the numbers just aren’t playing out the way the Fed suggested.

And if you thought the Fed had a broad range of options to deal with a stagnant economy, low inflation, and falling GDP think again.

In typical fashion Jim Bullard, head of the St. Louis Fed suggested that future QE might be needed.

How many times do we have to repeat the past before we learn from it?

Connecticut is learning. Time and again they’ve exploited the richest in their state to pay for their bloated budgets, but that’s not working anymore.

They now face a 400 million dollar shortfall this year.

It turns out you can’t just tax the rich to pay for all the “stuff” you want.

The real monster eating our nation isn’t the rich or the poor. It’s not the Republicans or Democrats. What’s destroying our nation is the government itself. That greedy, self-serving, animal that does nothing but take and consume.

Until we decided to draw a line in the sand and bind down out government nothing will save us.


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