681: Another Day, Another Violation of Your Liberty

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The Trump administration recently announced they intend to continue their unconstitutional warrantless surveillance of American citizens even if Congress fails to renew their ability to do so.

All I can do is laugh. You’ve got an unconstitutional action being defended on the grounds of a thinly laid legal argument. It’s hard not to think we’re doomed. LOL

We’re also going to discuss the case before the Supreme Court involving a cake shop owner and a gay couple who were refused service.

The owner claims a religious exemption to baking a gay wedding cake and the gay couple claim discrimination.

The gay couple is right. They were discriminated against. The questions is, does the cake shop owner have the right to do it?

Listen to the show to hear my thoughts.

Finally, we’ll discuss Syria and the 2000 – 4000 U.S. troops who are fighting there. From the beginning of the war in Syria, the government has been telling you one thing and doing another. It’s a trend you should pay attention to.

Thanks so much for listening!


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