721: The End of Obamacare is in Sight. The Free Market Will Win

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Idaho is laying the groundwork to wrestle way the insurance market from the stranglehold Obamacare has had on it.

Thanks to Congress finally ending the individual mandate requiring you to purchase insurance, the Governor of Idaho was able to loosen restrictions on insurance companies allowing them to come up with more creative, low-cost ways to provide insurance.

What this means is more options with plans that offer fewer benefits but at a significantly reduced price.

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EURIKA! There is actually a way to have a plan to fit any budget. Amazing how well a free market can address most any problem.

In other news the President has announced he’s running for reelection in 2020, going to far as to announce his campaign manager.

If you smell a massive marketing strategy here, you’re right. The Republicans are in trouble this year, and I think the president is attempting to revive the fervor surrounding his campaign by announcing his intention to run early.

Despite how you or I might feel about the president he is still very well liked by the Republican base, and his popularity continues to grow. (he has nearly a 50% approval rating)

2018 is going to be an exciting election year. Some seats are going to change hands, and we may even see the Republicans lose the Senate.

Only time will tell.


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