852: Kavanaugh Accuser Proves She Lied In Affidavit

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I won’t belabor it today but I was right again. It turns out you can make any claim you want and as long as it never sees the inside of the courtroom you can destroy a man’s reputation

Julie Swetnick was interviewed on NBC and said she didn’t know what Kavanaugh did or might have done. She said she never saw him spike punch or sexually assault anyone. She did say he was a heavy drinker and very handsy.

The truth is far different than her statements last week proving yet again you can never trust what you hear. Look for the evidence.

Crystal Mason was just sentenced to 5 years for trying to vote in the 2016 election. Her crime? She was a former felon and she cast a provisional ballot without reading the fine print.

I’ll talk about the many problems with this on the show today. Listen now!


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