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16Oct, 2018

857: Antifa Picks Fight, Loses Fight and is Called the “Victim” by NYPD

October 16th, 2018|

I found this to be one of the most outrageous stories I've come across this year. Apparently, ANTIFA was waiting outside a meeting of the Proud Boys and after engaging them in a physical altercation, AND LOSING, the NYPD is claiming they are the victims of assault. To make matters worse the fight was caught on tape so you get to see exactly what happened. Give today's show a listen and tell me if there's something I'm missing. Jason Become a JSP member today [...]

15Oct, 2018

856: It’s Official, Climate “Genocide” is Coming

October 15th, 2018|

At least that's what a new report from the UN is claiming. Naturally, you know I'm extremely skeptical of these reports but what I found most interesting was the article from New York Mag talking about the report. It's rare I see a political writer with a flair for copywriting but this guy has got it. He used every trick in the book. Every day we are hit with people trying to influence us. Some of them are trying to deceive or manipulate us [...]

11Oct, 2018

857: Healthcare Solutions with Matt Condon of Bardavon Health

October 11th, 2018|

Today we have a special guest, Matt Condon. My trading buddy, Mark Sedlak, actually introduced me to Matt and his company Bardavon Health Innovations because Mark knows we talk about healthcare on the show and because Matt is doing something really interesting inside of the healthcare space. Most importantly I want to talk problem-solution with Matt. Everyone wants to talk about how the healthcare system is broken. I want to talk about real solutions. Through Bardavon, Matt is working to reduce the cost of [...]

10Oct, 2018

856: Proof a Libertarian Society Can Work

October 10th, 2018|

Great story today about a town in Mexico that has done something no other modern city has done. They expelled their politicians outlawed political parties and eliminated all laws save one. You cannot agress against your neighbor. The city has become an example of what a libertarian society can look like, at least on a small scale. Tune in and listen now! Jason

4Oct, 2018

854: Amazon Employees SHOCKED to Find Out Pay Raise Come at Cost

October 4th, 2018|

Yeah I know it's shocking but it turns out Amazon isn't just going to eat the cost of increasing wages to $15/hr. Instead, they're ending their stock option program and their incentive-based bonus system. The changes will hurt those who already made $15 or more the hardest. But shouldn't those people be grateful someone stood up for the little guy? Why are those making more than $15/hr so greedy? 🙂 As I said yesterday there are no free rides. Employers don't pay taxes, they [...]

2Oct, 2018

852: Kavanaugh Accuser Proves She Lied In Affidavit

October 2nd, 2018|

I won't belabor it today but I was right again. It turns out you can make any claim you want and as long as it never sees the inside of the courtroom you can destroy a man's reputation Julie Swetnick was interviewed on NBC and said she didn't know what Kavanaugh did or might have done. She said she never saw him spike punch or sexually assault anyone. She did say he was a heavy drinker and very handsy. The truth is far different [...]

1Oct, 2018

851: The Koreas Declare Peace!

October 1st, 2018|

After 65 years North and South Korea have agreed to end the war between their two countries. But that's not what I find most amazing. To me, the big story is just how masterfully Kim Jong Un has played this political chess game. I don't know anyone else in my lifetime who has done it better. *** Ron Paul released a new article lamenting Nikki Hailey's protest of President Maduro outside the UN. I'll give you my comments on the exchange and talk a [...]

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