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6May, 2019

952: Your Past Does Not Equal Your Future

May 6th, 2019|

Become a JSP Insider! That is not the same thing as saying "what happened yesterday has no bearing on today." Today we talk about a lot, but the entire show is underpinned with this simple idea: You can't live in the past. Hope you enjoy! Jason

3May, 2019

951: The Show About Incentives Part 2

May 3rd, 2019|

Become a JSP Insider! On Wednesday, Matt and I recorded my favorite show in over a year. It was so good that we decided to break it up into two episodes. Part 1 was posted Wednesday, so if you haven't listened to it yet, go download it now. Today you get Part 2. Listen and tell a friend! Jason

1May, 2019

950: The Show About Incentives Part 1

May 1st, 2019|

Become a JSP Insider! This was hands down my favorite show in over a year. It was such a good show we broke it up into two episodes. Today you get part one. This show is part inspiration, part economics, and part culture. It's so crazy I don't even know how to title it. Just listen and tell a friend! Jason

29Apr, 2019

949: Guns, Games, And a Country As Disconnected As Ever

April 29th, 2019|

Become a JSP Insider! There's been another shooting. More innocent people dead. More fuel for the next gunman to use in his efforts to resolve his mental and emotional anguish. What is causing this continued and escalating violence? Today we discuss; and I have to say, it's one of the best discussions you're going to hear on the subject. Jason

26Apr, 2019

948: Unintended Consequences

April 26th, 2019|

Become a JSP Insider! Attempts to control behavior and outcomes through mandate and regulation rarely have the desired effect. What we know always accompanies this type of meddling is unintended consequences. A new proposal by Elizabeth Warren would require hospitals to improve outcomes for minority women or face financial consequences. While this might appear to be a way to properly incentivize hospitals to improve their performance, it will undoubtedly have the opposite effect. Jason

22Apr, 2019

946: Blacks Are Physically Superior to Whites

April 22nd, 2019|

Become a JSP Insider! Yeah, I'm not talking about EVERY black person but if you take the bulk of elite professional sports in America you'll see a trend. Now, why am I bringing this up? One word...White Privilege. If you're white, male and living in this country you have a leg up. That is also not in dispute. But what does that "privilege" mean? That's what we're going to discuss today. This is a dangerous episode. I hope you enjoy it. Jason [...]

19Apr, 2019

945: The Mueller Report

April 19th, 2019|

Become a JSP Insider! Today, every media outlet in America is attempting to spin the Mueller report to fit the political leanings of their respective audiences. I decided to give you an unbiased, straight-line assessment of what it says and what it means. Jason

17Apr, 2019

944: You Are Part of the Greatest Period in Human History

April 17th, 2019|

Become a JSP Insider! What is your initial reaction when you read that sentence? How you respond will tell me a lot about you and about your attitude toward life and success. And--within a small margin of error--I could likely guess your income. You see, our lives are not binary. They're not all good or all bad. For periods of time our life will fluctuate from mountain to valley, but we are always in a constant state of change. Therefore, how you look at [...]

15Apr, 2019

943: A Discussion on Wealth Inequality and Why Getting the Right Advice from the Right Person Makes All the Difference

April 15th, 2019|

Become a JSP Insider! That's a long title and with a little effort I might be able to shorten it a bit but the one I've got works well enough. There are a lot of people who are dying to give you advice on what to wear, how to act and what to invest in. Most of them should keep their mouth shut. Today we're going to examine wealth inequality from a different perspective and I'm going to give you a complicated answer to [...]

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