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29Mar, 2019

936: Canadian Healthcare Sucks! Let Me Explain…

March 29th, 2019|

Become a JSP Insider! Yes, we've all heard the statist argument that Canada has a single-payer system and we've heard them extoll its virtues and rave about the quality of said system. Lucky for you, Matt happened to live in Canada and still has friends there. On the show today, we're going to throw some statistical and anecdotal truth at you, and explain exactly why America should pass on a Canadian-style single-payer healthcare system. Jason

27Mar, 2019

935: On Wealth and Privilege

March 27th, 2019|

Become a JSP Insider! It pays to have money, power, and influence. I'm sure you're shocked to hear that. 🙂 But what if I told you it was stupid for you to waste time complaining about it? In fact, the best thing you can do is become rich and powerful yourself. Today we discuss. Jason

25Mar, 2019

934: The Electoral College…and Better Options

March 25th, 2019|

Become a JSP Insider! There's been a lot of discussion on the interwebs over the last few weeks about the electoral college, with partisan hacks on both sides attacking and defending the way we elect our President. Today, I'd like to take some time and explain why our government--imperfect as it is--was designed the way it was. There are flaws with the EC system and I'll point those out. But I'll also give you some better options that would actually fix the problem. The [...]

20Mar, 2019

933: The Power of a Cult and Why It Should Matter to You

March 20th, 2019|

Become a JSP Insider! I've watched a couple of documentaries in the last two weeks. One was "Leaving Neverland" about Michael Jackson's sex abuse and the other was on the Flat Earth movement. Both films discuss the power of cult in society and I thought it would be interesting to discuss how cult plays a role in everything we do. If you think you're above cult worship, think again. We all do it. Listen and share! Jason

18Mar, 2019

932: The New Zealand Shooting

March 18th, 2019|

Become a JSP Insider! I'm going to try and attack this recent tragedy from a little different angle. Most of the media has chosen to ignore the shooter himself, along with his reasoning and his motives. Instead, they've focused on gun control, Trump, and White Nationalism. I don't know about you, but I don't see any way to attack and solve a problem by focusing on the political and partisan headlines created by this kind of tragedy. The media won't do what we're doing [...]

15Mar, 2019

931: Dave Asprey Talks Biohacking, Bulletproof Coffee, and How to Live Forever

March 15th, 2019|

Become a JSP Insider! I can’t tell you how excited I am to share with you guys my interview with Dave Asprey. Dave is the creator of Bulletproof Coffee, founder of Bulletproof 360 Inc. and Bulletproof Nutrition, Inc., and author of multiple books. After I read his most recent book Game Changers: What Leaders, Innovators, and Mavericks Do to Win at Life, I knew I had to get him on the show. Among other things, we discussed how he built the Bulletproof brand, the [...]

13Mar, 2019

930: Drugs Licensing and Collegiate Corruption

March 13th, 2019|

Become a JSP Insider! Yeah I know that's a lot to cover in a single episode but I got an email from a listener that I need to unpack. She works in the cannabis industry and is running into a hurdle on where to draw the lines on ethics. From there we discuss the breaking news story about wealthy celebrities who were bribing colleges to get their kids into Ivy League schools. Crazy stuff, Jason

11Mar, 2019

929: The Antiquated Education System is Dead

March 11th, 2019|

Become a JSP Insider! We went WAY off the rails today. The discussion started with reasons women might be paid less than men, and we ended with a discussion on the antiquated learning model that is our modern education system. There's a better way people!! Enjoy! Jason

8Mar, 2019

928: I Have No Sympathy For People Who Don’t Understand Economics

March 8th, 2019|

Become a JSP Insider! Senator Warren is calling for the breakup of large tech companies like Facebook, Google, and Amazon. It's rare my Irish gets this high on the show, but when you make claims like "Amazon is tilting the playing field against everyone else", I'm going to lose my temper. I end today's show discussing the closure of yet another GM plant in Ohio, and a human interest story written about one of the workers. As you'll see, I don't have much sympathy [...]

6Mar, 2019

927: The Ultimate Goal of the Climate Change Movement

March 6th, 2019|

Become a JSP Insider! We're 870 Billion dollars in debt. That's the amount of credit card debt Americans have as of the end of 2018. It's more debt then we've ever had. If the economy is booming and people feel more secure then ever, why do they keep borrowing? Our economy will suffer another recession, that's a certainty. And when it does there will be new calls for more regulation, more spending, and more government intervention. But none of that scares me as much [...]

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