We Blew it: How Libertarians Squandered Their Greatest Opportunity

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Hillary is back in the news today after Fox News reported they have two sources close to the Clinton investigation who say an inditement is “likely.”

It’s as though this election was tailor made for libertarians. People are hungry for a change. They’re tired of being lied to, tired of being taxed to death, tired of being regulated out of a job and tired of hearing news stories about American wars around the world.

Unfortunately, when delegates at the Libertarian convention had the chance to nominate a candidate who would promote and articulate our values and principles they decided instead to pick two former Republicans who’s only firm conviction seemed to be geared toward drug legalization.

Now libertarians find themselves with no voice. No one to promote their principles, and a candidate who will likely get far less than the 5% necessary to make the party eligible for federal money.

It’s a lose, lose, lose scenario. The worst possible outcome. The mainstream always thought of us as clowns and crazies, but for a brief moment, America was giving our ideas a look. What they found were a burnout and a Clinton supporter. It was our greatest opportunity, and it turned out to be our biggest failure.


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